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About Dr Khalid

Doctor of Dental Surgery, Experienced and Professional Dentist
Dr. Khalid completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery training at Western University in London, Ontario. He then practiced dentistry for the Canadian armed forces all across Canada. Dr. Khalid practiced alongside many experienced mentors who taught him the most effective techniques of dentistry. Some of these techniques relate to restorative, surgical, endodontic, orthodontic and implant dentistry. As a dentist Dr. Khalid provides you with dental treatment that will enhance your overall well being and health.

How it works:

affordable teeth straightening, align teeth straightening

Step 1: Consult and Records

Determine your desired outcome and gather dental records

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Step 2: Treatment Plan

A customized treatment plan will be designed by Clear Correct and will be presented to you for approval

align your teeth without braces, aligner teeth straightening

Step 3: Get Started!

Watch the magic happen as your teeth begin to align!

No Braces, Only Smiles


Simple Case

$ 3900 over a period of 5 months

Moderate Case

$ 4800 over a period of 8 months

Complex Case

$ 6900 over a period of 15 months

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